Whats NEW and HOT!

We have the latest technology in edm wire.  We are pleased to announce
our exclusive arrangement with the manufacturer and patent holder for
distribution of SONIC wire in North America. SONIC wire has been the
fastest growing trend in edm wire.  This is a wire that looks like brass but
cuts 12 - 19% faster, has less wire breaks, leaves less recast,
auto-threads amazingly well and it the best  value going in edm wire.

We have replaced our filter line with 21st century technology and are
offering the OMF long life filter as a standard for many machines.  This is
not the same filter that our competitors are touting as long life.  These
are revolutionary in design and truly a "Long Life" filter
Our Purpose and Mission:

We focus on providing the best value and the highest quality product to
our clients.  We accept nothing less of ourselves but to be the best in
the business.  Quality, Value, Hard Work and Concern for our Clients in
what makes North American EDM Supplies Inc. stand out from the
competition.  We do not sell our clients; we support and assist them in
being more productive and competitive in todays market.
North American EDM Supplies Inc.
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